Monday, November 21, 2005

Its been a while folks.....

WORK, WORK, WORK! I've been awful with keeping up with this the past few weeks- works been insane and I can't fuckin' believe Thanksgiving is in a few days! Where has the time gone?
This behind the scenes pic is for good ole' schwarmer- cuz we all know a a half naked woman does nothing for moi! For a teenage straight kid, this would be heaven, but for me, its more skin to even out and another blown up silicone titty to play with! I guess depending on how you look at it, I'm blessed to work with beautiful woman but what its done is make me appreciate real women much more. I couldn't imagine being a model. Yeah they can make a shit load of money but what they have to do to make that load can be unbearable. I once did a shoot where the model had to do a series of jumps in a pair of 4.5 inch heels for almost 8 hours- Talk about shot knees! Plus the life span of a successful model is about 5 years from the age of 16-21. Enough about those bitches....
I have to thank all of you who have commented on my blogs and find them amusing! To answer a question I've been asked,
Sara- is this Sara Heath? If it is- so good to hear from you! Regarding stretch marks, theres a product out called Trilastin that I hear is off the hook! Its not makeup but a topical cream. Now come to think of it- I think you were kiddin' when you asked....
Happy Thanksgiving folks!

Thursday, November 03, 2005

Products that make my job so easy....well, kind of !!

I hate it with a passion when women ask me, "what would you do to my face".... it totally puts me on the spot and if your face is busted, I have to lie- which I definately don't like doing! I can't tell them they need botox, a chin lift, rhinoplasty, or a new face! Thats so wrong! So instead I recommend my favorable products and if that doesn't work- I give them Dr. Baker's number!
Alright ladies, heres a list of my top products- every girl's must haves!
COMPLEXION: Prescriptives Traceless Skin Responsive Tinted moisturizer. This stuff is sheer going on with buildable coverage. Great for you girls on the go and need to even out skin tone.
Giorgio Armani Luminous Silk Foundation-I can't work without this shit! Its light, creamy consistancy pumps just the right amount out and is also buildable coverage. (* I like to mix 2 pumps to 1 pump of Revlon's Skin Lights to give the skin a sublte glow). I hate the look of a foundation and this mixture gives the skin a nice luminosity. MAC Blot Powder- You use it as it sounds, blot! Blot means to press into the skin, not swiping it all over! Like I mentioned before, I HATE , HATE , HATE the look of base so one should only blot where theres shine.
EYES: Laura Mercier Eyeshadows in "American Coffee" & Caramel". These two shades are no brainer colors that will work for anyone. (* I'm proud to say, I turned Mrs. SJ Parker to these tones when we worked together a few years back.) Now heres the deal with Mascara ladies- Since theres a million different kinds of freaking mascara out there, the trick to finding the best one isn't in the primer or lash lengthening bull crap- its in the wand! I love the wand in the pink Maybelline mascara- but not the formula itself. I've tried every mascara out there and I love the look of Cover Girl Great Lash. Its an awesome formula but not a good wand. Its trial and error unfortunately, but in the end, it all depends on how you want your lashes to look like.
CHEEKS: NARS blush in "Orgasm"- the shit is bananas! Its peachy pink tone goes great on any skin complexion-honest! It has a slight gleam to it, but not shimmery at all!
LIPS: I have to be honest, I don't like the look of lipstick- it seems dated to me. I prefer to use a lipliner all over the lip and blend with a brush. Theres no definitive lines and looks more like a lip stain vs. full lip coverage. NARS lipliner in Moracco, MAC lipliner in Spice & Beet, AVEDA lipliner in Carob, Morena, & Maple. My all time favourite lipgloss- BIOTHERM Glossy Shines. I found them at the duty free shop in the London/Heathrow airport and it gives such an amazing look on the mouth- not too wet and not too sticky! Luscious sexy lips!
I hope you found this info helpful or at least entertaining! You can view my work at my agencie's website, I'm listed under the artist category, "hair & Makeup".
Coreys watching the Pacers and the Heat basketball game and though I find it boring- we can still be together on the same couch, but do separate things!

Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Chocolate Fashion for A Cause!!

Yay- less than a week and my six month project is almost over! Besides my "real" job, I've been producing a charity event with the International Chocolate Show. Its an exhibition of chocolate from around the world that only shows in New York, Paris and Tokyo. To launch the weekend trade event, they throw a media cocktail gala in which top designers and famous chocolatiers make outfits out of chocolate, and then worn on the runway for a fashion show. Money raised from ticket sales to the gala benefit DIFFA, the Design Industry Foundation Fighting Aids. For the past five years I've lead the makeup team for the gala and this year they asked me to produce the show- a huge undertaking I wasn't ready for when I agreed. My role as producer has been recruiting designers, casting the models, forming the hair & makeup teams, hiring the Dj, casting the Emcee and contacting the media. The pic on the right is of my friend Austin Scarlett, fitting a model for his "chocolate dress". Austin was one of the finalist on BRAVO's Project Runway Show last year. He's a brilliant couturier and a really sweet kid to boot.
The Food Network is doing a reality show called "Behind the Bash" and our charity event will be an episode on the series. Pretty cool but I hate being on camera! The camera adds more than 10 pounds to me and with my head shaved, I either look like Buddha or Yoda ... depending on what type of television screen you have-yuck! I will let you know when it airs but please keep in mind, I don't look that gross in person-promise!
I hope you've enjoyed the blogs so far and Lynnae was right, this has been quite therapeutic. I'm also carrying around my camera, to catch the random acts of "what-the-fuck?" to post- you never know what my day may bring livin' here!

"You've been a wonderful crowd..."

Monday, October 31, 2005

Madonna hits her roots in NYC!!

Damn, doesn't she look fuckin' amazing! She was just in NY promoting her documentary and new album coming out mid-month, November. I have to admit, her new single "Hung up" is ABBA-esque....and to be honest, kinda cheesy! But I still love my boo! These pics were taken of her at Luke & Leroy in the West Village- otherwise known to us locals as the "gay-ghetto". As an old school club kid, the scene now is pretty stale. Plus, Corey hates nightclubs and doesn't like to dance- he's more of a dive-punk bar- pub kinda guy. When friends come up to visit I have no clue where to take them because I've been so out of the loop. Luke & Leroy used to be LIFE, and that party was the bomb, pre mayor Guliani days. The clubs now are like megaclubs of really bad house music and kids strung out on crystal. Back in the day it used to be about the love of the music, the soul, essence, and begining of house. Where's the love now? I could go on, and on about this. I'm fortunate that I got to experience the second big wave of club culture in New York- the first was Studio 54 ( I suppose) when Manahattan was still cool. Now Manhattan is overpriced, over rated and and a Disneyland for the corporations.
Nonetheless, this is still a magical island and I'm fortunate to have opportunities like this come my way.

Sunday, October 30, 2005

Halloween- the gay man's excuse to do drag!

Saturday night we decided to participate in the weekend celebration of New York's favorite holiday- Halloween. Out of all the parties being thrown, Corey and I went to a pretty "interesting" soire' at Silver Swan in Gramercy, a polish restaurant- go figure! I love celebrating Halloween because everyone in Manhattan seems to dress up and you get to witness some insane costumes! Where else could you see a grown man dressed as a keg fighting to hail a cab with a hooker... and the Tin Man from the Wizard of Oz!

I play it safe with drag cuz its easy and an excuse to wear Gucci heels ( I have to say, Gucci will never be the same since Tom Ford left)! I do think I have to camp it up a bit more because I get passed as a "real" woman all the time. Don't know if thats a good thing or not? My friend Jay dressed as Victoria Gotti which I know would've been a wreck. Speaking of wrecks.. the best part of our night was watching a straight man walk in those cheap lucite platform stripper heels on concrete- total weeble-wobble ... drunk of his arse! Wig's all crooked, makeup smeared, and leg hair protruding thru his Dollar Store panty hose- priceless! You know how I knew he was straight, his choice of shoes! Its in the gay bible that us girls not wear such triflin' soles, tisk-tisk! HAPPY HALLOWEEN!!!

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My first real blog entry!

I owe this all to my old partner in crime- Lynnae for convincing me to do this. I know alot folks back home are curious about what I do and how life is in the Big Apple so I thought this would be a great way to reach all of you in one shot. I'm horrible at email so this is the next best thing- I guess.
I don't know how much I will write on a weekly basis and what to write in that matter, so please hit me up with suggestions! I still haven't grabbed the whole "Blog" concept- is it about braggin' or bitchin'...or both? Do people want to know about whats going on in my life or can't give a rats ass? Is this about feeding my ego to think I have friends that are interested in whats going on...who knows. I guess if you all don't post any comments then that'll be the answer and I should just give it up.
Anyhoo if you all read this, then thats a good start, right?